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Princess Charlotte’s really cheeky moment during an official outing that embarrassed Kate Middleton

With a new generation of royals Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis having been born in the last few years, it’s understandable that some unscripted childish moments may occur .

Some of these have been captured on film, reminding everyone that nothing can keep children from being children, regardless of their royal birth or high-class education.

Royal photographers Samir and Zak Hussein, as well as royal brothers Samir and Zak Hussein, were on hand to capture some of the royal kids’ mischief.


Kate Middleton’s face went bright red as Princess Charlotte stuck her tongue out at the crowd (Image: Getty)


Princess Charlotte embarrassed her mother, Kate Middleton, by sticking her tongue out at a charity regatta in July 2019, according to Zak.

The royal couple’s embarrassment was compounded by the fact that the event was organized by her parents, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.

According to Us Weekly, he said: “Charlotte was with Kate when suddenly a large crowd gathered to see them, and Charlotte stuck her tongue out at the crowd for a split second.

“Kate has this great moment where she’s laughing and embarrassed by her daughter sticking her tongue out.

“I believe Sam took the photo as well, but many photographers in the area missed it because it happened in a split second.”


It’s not the first time the cheeky Princess has poked her tongue out at crowds


This was neither the first nor the last time photographers caught Princess Charlotte doing something naughty.

On another occasion, the Cambridges’ second child was seen sticking her tongue out.

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While being driven to St George’s Chapel for Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding, she was photographed making the shameless gesture.

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The difficulties of having children subjects, royal or not, were described by Samir to the Express.

He said: “You have that unidentified component.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re royal children or ordinary children; they could throw a tantrum at any time or do something amusing, such as sticking out their tongue.


Princess Charlotte can be a bit of a handful at times (Image: Getty)


“They don’t always follow the guidelines.

“I enjoy photographing children because you never know what you’re going to get, and you almost always get these special moments.”

“As a royal photographer [and] with photographing kids in general, you have to be prepared because this [could] be a very fleeting moment, but it also produces some of the most fun moments and best pictures,” he added.

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When it comes to their children, the Cambridges are very selective about what they show the public.

When the Cambridge children are not attending events, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge release photos of them only on special occasions, such as a Christmas card or one of their birthdays.

This attitude toward publicity, according to royal commentator Emily Andrews, is a “masterstroke.”


Princess Charlotte is following in her mother’s footsteps but some fans believe she is more like her great-grandmother (Image: Samir Hussein/WireImage)


She said it on the Channel 5 documentary Kate: Our Queen in Waiting: “Using Kate’s passion for photography was a brilliant idea devised by William and Kate or their advisors.

“As a result, she decided to take her own photographs of the children, which she would then distribute to the media and the general public.

“It’s PR gold, and it still has that home-spun feel to it.”

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She continued, ” “This is not a formal portrait of the Queen or Prince Charles as children.

“This is a new kind of royalty that people can relate to.”

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