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The Queen’s unique way of paying tribute to Prince Philip as she marks one year since his death

Prince Philip death anniversary is coming up soon, and to commemorate his passing, one of his most important outfits will be on display.

The National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth has announced that it will display a naval uniform worn by the Duke of Edinburgh, including his admiral’s cap, on Saturday, one year after his death.

The fascinating items will be part of a museum exhibition commemorating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which will focus on Her Majesty’s close ties to the Royal Navy.


Prince Philip’s uniform will be displayed in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard


The Queen, in addition to being the ceremonial head of the Armed Forces, has a close personal relationship with the Royal Navy, having married an officer and being the daughter and granddaughter of monarchs who served in the Royal Navy.

The exciting exhibition, titled Her Majesty’s Service: The Queen’s Role At The Heart Of The Royal Navy Family, will feature photos of the Queen’s many military engagements in addition to the Prince’s impressive uniform.

A donation of 41 shell cases from the gun salute fired to commemorate Philip’s death was recently received by the museum.


Prince Philip wearing the impressive uniform


“It captures the wide variety of duties, from the launching of ships, visits to personnel, and the presentation of Queen’s Colours to world tours on the Royal Yacht, fleet reviews, and street parties,” a spokesperson for the National Museum of the Royal Navy said.

“During her reign, there have been seven fleet reviews, including one to commemorate her coronation in 1953 off the coast of Portsmouth and another in 2005 to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar’s bicentennial.

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“The Queen has a deeper, more personal connection to the Royal Navy, having been born into a family of Royal Navy veterans.


Prince Philip’s Naval cap which will be displayed


“She later married a serving naval officer, and two of her sons became naval officers, as the daughter and granddaughter of monarchs who served in the Royal Navy as young men.”

“She has gone through the same emotions that every member of a naval family goes through, and she testified to this at the christening of HMS Queen Elizabeth in 2017.”

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“Photographs of the Queen’s long and devoted service, as well as a recently acquired naval uniform belonging to the Duke of Edinburgh, displayed for the first time alongside his admiral’s cap, give the exhibition a personal touch.”

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