The Princess of Wales visited a mental health charity

The special meaning behind Princess Kate’s latest outfit choice – revealed

Princess Catherine visited the central London branch of the mental health organization Anna Freud on Thursday. The royal claimed that after learning about the charity’s mental health kit, she left the engagement feeling “inspired.”

The Princess of Wales looked stunning as usual in a fluttering green Suzannah London button-up shirt dress and two-tone Alessandra Rich heels, but there was a particular purpose behind her choice of attire.


Princess Kate looked beautiful in green
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Princess Catherine has been donning a rainbow of hues lately, from a sunny yellow blazer on Tuesday to a voluminous blue dress for a surprise appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday. However, the reason she chose to wear a green dress was particularly poignant.

Because Thursday fell during Mental Health Awareness Week, The Mental Health Foundation encouraged people to wear green to raise awareness about mental health. This had an impact on her choice of clothing.


Princess Kate wore green for a special reason
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“Join us on Wear it Green Day 2023 to raise money to help us get good mental health for all of us,” reads the official statement for the initiative, which is known as Wear It Green, on the foundation’s website. Going green will help us carry out important research and deliver programs to various communities.

For a lovely coordinated look, other attendees also wore bottle green.

Princess Catherine’s bright yellow blazer from earlier in the week also had significance. The marigold color of her blazer matched the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust brand colors, showing the royal’s support for the athlete as they met with Dame Kelly Holmes to discuss mental health once more.

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Princess Kate has been wearing beautiful colours recently
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Body language expert Darren Stanton said on behalf of Slingo that Princess Catherine’s colorful attire was also a nod to her ever-expanding confidence as she moves into a more senior royal role.

Darren said, “Kate looked happy and confident as she strayed from her typical color scheme, as she tends to go for red, blue, white, and purple.” “Such a color allows her to express her personality a little more, and Kate clearly feels confident in her choice of clothing because she appears at ease.”


Was the Princess of Wales’ yellow blazer a thoughtful decision?


The late Queen Elizabeth II was also well-known for dressing in vivid hues, reportedly so she would stand out and be simple to recognize in crowds.

Princess Catherine is doing a great job of following the former monarch’s example, and we can’t wait to see which color she chooses next.

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