The late Princess of Wales wore the jewel to attend the gala evening for Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall in June 1997

Why Princess Kate and Meghan Markle never got to wear necklace worn by Princess Diana just before her death

The late Princess Diana’s famous diamond and pearl necklace, which she famously wore at her last official engagement before her tragic death, is one special necklace that neither the Princess of Wales nor the Duchess of Sussex have ever worn.

The magnificent piece was made in 1997 by Crown jewelers Garrard out of 178 diamonds weighing a combined 51 carats and five identical 12mm South Sea pearls.


Princess Diana wore the necklace as she attended a gala performance of ‘Swan Lake’ At London’s Royal Albert Hall in 1997

At the Swan Lake gala evening at the Royal Albert Hall in June 1997, Diana made her debut wearing the jewel, which was rumored to be the first one she had chosen for herself and not one she had borrowed from the Crown.


The late Princess was involved in the creation of the jewel for many months before its debut
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Contrary to rumors, Diana never actually owned the jewel; she also had no plans to buy or keep it after the event. She was involved in the design and creation of the jewel for many months before its debut.

Diana gave the necklace back to David Thomas at Garrard after the Princess’ formal engagement. David later created a matching pair of diamond and pearl drop earrings mounted in platinum, but they hadn’t been completed when Diana passed away in August of that year.


The outing was Diana’s last before her death in August 1997
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Princess Diana’s family gave permission for the Swan Lake Suite to be sold to a private buyer after her passing, and they designated a portion of the proceeds to UNICEF in recognition of the Princess’s work to abolish landmines.


Meghan has worn many jewels that belonged to Princess Diana, seen her with Princess Diana’s Aquamarine ring on her wedding day  Photo: Getty Images


Evelyne Poumellec, who served as the head of jewelry design at Garrard from 1996 to 1998, recently granted an exclusive interview to the Daily Mail in light of the upcoming auction of the magnificent “Swan Lake Suite,” which includes a matching necklace and earrings.

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When pregnant with her first child, the Duchess of Sussex wore a simple gold bracelet which once belonged to Princess Diana  Photo: Getty Images


Evelyne reveals that the necklace has an amazing hidden detail that was intentionally left out in order to represent the Princess’s contemporary approach to fashion.

According to Evelyne, “It has movement by having one row at the back, allowing the wearer flexibility,” “It reflects modernity against a backdrop of formal jewellery; it is classic yet fashionable.”


Back in 2019, Kate dazzled in a pair of elegant diamond and pearl earrings that once belonged to Diana  Photo: Getty Images


She continued, “The necklace is based on a reversed tiara and [the style mimics] when you write by hand lots of letter Es joined together. E is the first initial of my name, designed by me and fit for a princess.”


7 photos of Kate and Meghan wearing Diana’s jewels


Prince William proposed to Kate back in 2010 and gifted her Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring  Photo: Getty Images


These stunning earrings were originally a wedding gift to Princess Diana, part of a suite of jewels given by Crown Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia. William gave the earrings to Kate after he proposed in 2010, and she updated the design into a drop style.
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During her and Prince William’s royal tour of the Caribbean in 2022, Kate wore Diana’s three strand pearl bracelet which was designed by Nigel Milne in 1988
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For her first state banquet as the Princess of Wales in November 2022, Kate dazzled guests with the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara, which was a favorite of Princess Diana’s back in the day. After her death, the piece wasn’t seen again until Kate put it on
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During the couple’s tour of Australia back in 2018, Meghan wore a pair of butterfly studs, which once belonged to her late mother-in-law
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Meghan wore Diana’s diamond bracelet as she and Prince Harry attended the 2021 Salute To Freedom Gala in New York City
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In 2022, as she and Harry attended a reception for the Invictus Games, Meghan was pictured wearing Diana’s Cartier Tank Watch
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