She loves FaceTiming the children

How Princess Kate is keeping in touch with George, Charlotte and Louis from hospital: ‘She loves FaceTiming the children’

The Princess of Wales is a devoted, involved mother who puts her kids’ health first. She will therefore undoubtedly be thinking about her protracted hospital stay at The London Clinic, where she has been recuperating from her scheduled abdominal surgery.

Since her surgery on Tuesday, Catherine has not been able to see Prince George, who is ten years old, Princess Charlotte, who is eight years old, and Prince Louis, who is five years old. This Thursday is the earliest that she is anticipated to leave the hospital.


Prince William is holding the fort back at home in Windsor


However, it’s believed that Princess is using FaceTime to stay in contact with her kids while Prince William stays put at Adelaide Cottage, the family’s home on the Windsor estate.

“Kate loves FaceTiming the children when she is working away overseas so I’m sure they will be in regular contact while she’s in hospital, and the kids will be keen to see her as soon as she’s well enough,” Emily Nash, the royal editor of HELLO!, said.

She will be excited to get home and cuddle with the kids because she loves spending time with her family.

William and Catherine are both very involved parents; they pick up their children from school, take them to sporting events and concerts, and make every effort to be at home when it’s time for bed. William will be at home trying to keep things as normal as possible while Catherine is in the hospital.”

Catherine, 42, will remain in the hospital for ten to fourteen days before going home to recuperate, according to a statement made by Kensington Palace last week. It is improbable that she will resume her public duties prior to Easter.

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Catherine expressed her regret to her patrons, charities, and anyone she had to cancel plans with because of her hospital stay. Even though we don’t anticipate seeing the Princess in public, a recent story in The Sunday Times suggests she will carry on working while recovering and stay in touch with some of her charities.

She has dedicated her life to working with the Early Years age group, and she will be closely monitoring her Shaping Us campaign in particular.

William can rely on the children’s nanny for assistance, even though he is still in charge of making school runs and keeping things normal at home. After the Wales family downsized to their four-bedroom Windsor home, Spanish nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo no longer resides with them, but both she and Catherine’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, who reside in Bucklebury village about 40 minutes away, are a constant source of assistance.


Both William and Kate are very hands-on parents
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The new book “Charles III: New King. New Court. The Inside Story” by Robert Hardman states that King Charles also sees his grandchildren on a regular basis.

Regarding the King, Robert wrote: “He really enjoys travelling to Windsor. He spends two or three days there every week, and his grandchildren who live in Britain are right next to the castle. They’re in Adelaide Cottage’s grounds, and I believe he enjoys seeing them.”

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