Royal author Robert Hardman talks exclusively about the royal family after shadowing the King for 18 months

Prince William ‘really hurt’ by Prince Harry’s ‘veiled criticisms of Kate’

Royal author Robert Hardman stated that there is very little chance of Prince William and Prince Harry’s broken relationship getting back together in an interview with the HELLO! A Right Royal Podcast crew.

Robert says that while King Charles is amenable to a reconciliation with his youngest son, one between brothers may prove more challenging because Prince William was left feeling “really hurt” by Prince Harry’s revelations in his memoir Spare. You can listen to the special podcast episode below.


Robert Hardman has said that Prince William is ‘really hurt’ by Prince Harry’s memoir Spare
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“William is a very private man, who guards his family’s privacy very, very closely,” Robert said to Emily Nash, the royal editor of HELLO!, Andrea Caamano, and Emmy Griffiths, the hosts. “I think that really hurt to have so many tender childhood secrets, stories, and conversations just thrown out into the public domain.”

Additionally, he clarifies the true impact of Harry’s “veiled criticisms of the new Princess of Wales” on the heir apparent.

Robert remarks, “I just think that’s a tougher obstacle,” regarding the path to reconciliation, though the royal author leaves it open-ended.

“But as we’ve seen with the royals, throughout the years, and throughout history, never say never,” he continues. Things shift, people move on, and we all adjust to give in and move past things.


Prince William and Prince Harry have been estranged for many years
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Robert discusses William and Harry’s relationship in his book and uncovers some untold details of their brief reunion at the late Queen’s funeral in September 2023, including William’s thoughtful act towards his brother in spite of their tense relationship.

He also explains why, on the day of the late Queen’s death, Prince Harry did not travel to Aberdeen by plane with Prince William and other royal family members.

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Christmas Day Church service in 2018
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In his book Charles III New King, Robert writes. New Court. The Concise Account, The Sussexes could have asked their staff to get in touch with Prince William’s staff if they had been that eager to share a flight. A senior Kensington Palace aide asserts that “they had all the numbers” and maintains that the Sussexes’ camp did not make a call that morning.

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