Meghan Markle & Prince Harry ‘could share snap of Lilibet’s feet’ for first picture of baby daughter, says expert

According to a royal expert, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may share a photo of Lilibet’s feet as the first public image of their baby girl.

Following their daughter’s birth last month, Daniela Elser believes the parents were weighing their options.

The couple’s main concern about sharing a photograph, according to the expert, is privacy as they continue their lives away from the Royal family in the United States.

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, their daughter, was born on June 4 in a Santa Barbara hospital, making her the 8th in line to the throne.

Credit: AFP
Credit: AFP

However, unlike his older brother Archie, the newborn has yet to be photographed.

Mrs Elser, writing on, said: “While they may aspire to provide their daughter with the same level of privacy that Harry was denied as a child growing up in the royal spotlight, the hard truth is that they still occupy a strange nebulous space between public figures and private citizens.

Archie (pictured)Credit: AFP
Archie (pictured)Credit: AFP

“That’s why there’s a shot of Lili – a toe! A single finger! One tiny hand holding an even smaller hand! – it doesn’t seem impossible.”

She stated that Harry and Megan now have to make a number of “tough decisions” regarding Lilibet’s christening and godparents.

But, with the couple now living non-royal lives, an expert believes that privacy remains a pressing issueCredit: AFP
But, with the couple now living non-royal lives, an expert believes that privacy remains a pressing issueCredit: AFP

The expert cited a feud between Meghan and Harry over their refusal to name Archie’s godparents after he was christened while they were still senior and full-time royals, emphasizing how the couple does not want to repeat the same mistake.

She stated, ” “In retrospect, the couple’s handling of Archie’s christening was a watershed moment, and you can draw a straight line from that uproar to ‘Megxit.’”

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Mum Meghan hasn’t visited the UK since moving to the United States.

This means Lilibet’s christening has the potential to “improve or further damage” Harry’s relationship with the royal family, according to Ms Elser.

She went on to say: “However, if the Sussexes decide to hold the ceremony in California, preventing the Queen from attending because she no longer travels internationally, it will be seen as a clear rejection of the royal family.

“There is also a third option: they choose to forego baptism altogether.

“However, given that Her Majesty is the head of the Church of England, this would be interpreted as deeply disrespectful to Her Majesty.”

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