The Duke of Sussex was speaking in a video from 2005 to mark his 21st birthday

Prince Harry speaks ‘close bond’ with Prince William in unearthed birthday video

Although the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex have grown apart over time, Harry acknowledges in a recently discovered video that he and his elder brother once had a “close” relationship.

Harry was questioned about whether he and his “ally” William had become closer over time in the Associated Press interview that was made public to celebrate Harry’s 21st birthday in 2005. “Oh, completely,” Harry replied. “Every year, we get closer.”


Princes Harry and William laughing together in happier times
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We’ve become so used to not seeing each other for extended periods of time that we’ve even taken to hugging,” he joked. He does call me when I’m away, and he does the same for me.

Harry responded, “I think as the years go on, it’s sort of worryingly, it’s changed to me giving him advice,” when asked if he listened to his older brother’s advice. All of them will say, “Oh, whatever.” But regrettably, it has evolved into that.

In both private and public conversations, we discuss everything. He comes to me to talk about his problems if he wants to. And he says I give him some pretty good advice.


Prince William and Kate attended the Order of the Garter service earlier this week
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It’s amazing how close we’ve gotten, Harry continued. We were obviously close ever since our mother passed away. But he is the only person I can really talk to about anything with on this planet. Everything is fine because we understand each other and support one another.

Nearly 20 years later, the royal brothers are no longer on speaking terms. William recently acknowledged in an interview with The Times that his ongoing conflict with Harry has consumed far more media attention than he would have liked.

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The future King turned 41 years old on Wednesday. It is unknown if Harry gave his older brother a private birthday greeting, but their father King Charles oversaw the public celebrations by posting an Instagram photo from the coronation rehearsals.


Harry and Meghan joined William and Kate to view floral tributes to the late Queen in Windsor
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The adorable picture captured William and Charles giggling as they practiced a crucial part of the King’s ceremony, when the Prince of Wales helped his father with his robes. The post read, “Wishing the Prince of Wales a very happy birthday today!”

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