Prince Harry will be ‘furious’ and feel like he is ‘owed an apology’ by the Royal Family – biographer claims

Prince Harry may have been “absolutely furious” during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and may have wanted “an apology from the royal family.” according to an expert.

Despite traveling from the US with their two children, Archie and Lilibet, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex only made one public appearance at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The Sussexes did, however, meet the Queen, despite reports that they were denied their request for a picture of Her Majesty meeting their youngest child for the first time.


Prince Harry is likely to have felt ‘absolutely furious’ during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – and could ‘want an apology from the royal family’, according to an expert


The prince is likely to feel as though he is “owed an apology” and was “largely ignored” at the four-day celebration, according to biographer Angela Levin, who spent a year with Harry.

The Duke of Sussex is allegedly “absolutely furious” about the circumstance, she continued.

When Harry attended a thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London on Friday, Ms. Levin claimed it was obvious he was upset.

According to her statement to The Sun, “Harry’s anger really stood out for me on that day. He wears his emotions on his face and he looked absolutely furious.”

He could have been feeling a variety of things, so I find it to be quite interesting. I’m not sure if he felt anything at all about what he had given up.


Biographer Angela Levin, who spent a year with Harry, has now claimed the prince feels as if he is ‘owed an apology’ and was ‘largely ignored’ at the four-day celebration


He would have been extremely upset that he was largely disregarded, Ms. Levin continued. He still feels that an apology is due to him.

The royal expert, however, asserted that Harry is “the one who should apologize.”

She also asserted that Harry and Meghan did not confirm Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s availability prior to inviting them to a birthday celebration for Lilibet at Frogmore Cottage.

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Kate and William were traveling in Wales at the time with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

This is in response to Ms. Levin’s statement to GB News that Netflix was eager to obtain pictures of Harry and Meghan with royalty like the Queen and Prince William for a documentary series they are filming.


The Sussexes did meet the Queen – though their request for a photograph of Her Majesty meeting their youngest child for the first time was allegedly rejected


Notably, the Sussexes were reportedly informed that there was “no chance” that the Queen would meet their 1-year-old daughter Lilibet in an official photograph.

Insiders at the palace may have been concerned that any pictures taken by Harry and Meghan would be published in Harry’s upcoming memoirs or shared with US television networks.

Ms. Levin told GB News that this picture would have been “very, very valuable” and that Netflix would have used it. Knowing that they had her with her great grandmother would be a plus for them.

She remarked, “The Queen saw Harry and Meghan on the first day because they wanted to see her as soon as possible.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have released a new picture of Lilibet at Frogmore Cottage where she celebrated her first birthday on Saturday


She entered, and when they inquired about whether they had a photographer with them, they requested that he take a picture of the two Lilibets. She replied, “No, it is simply not possible.”

They would have sold it, therefore. To them, it would be extremely valuable.

Actually, because the palace was so shrewd and cunning, they were never given the opportunity to take pictures with any of the senior royals.

“I heard Netflix wanted pictures of them with the royals, but they were sitting on the right hand side and Camilla, Charles, Catherine, and William were sitting on the other side,” the speaker said.

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According to Ms. Levin, she thinks they “probably just went off in a rage” after failing to obtain the desired images.


In this picture, Lilibet is seen in her mother Meghan’s arms inside Frogmore, beside photographer Misan Harriman’s wife Camilla Holmstroem and their two daughters


She continued, “I think they felt that everyone would drop everything.” Even on this fantastic day, they would return simply because they were there.

“I really thought they were just obnoxious teenagers,” I said. They would leave early if they weren’t able to get what they wanted.

Despite suing the government over security issues, Ms. Levin also criticized the pair for compromising their own security.

She recalled that they opened the windows all the way down and began waving at the onlookers because the man was hiding in a car with opaque black windows.

“That gave me the impression that it couldn’t be out of the spotlight, but that is extremely risky because someone could throw a bomb or a truckload of tomatoes through the window.”


Claire Ptak shared a photo of this beautiful pink cake topped with peonies, which could be Lilibet’s


They also returned on a jet that cost £160,000, but that’s their business. It produced ten times as much carbon dioxide as a typical aircraft, she continued.

They have repeatedly warned us not to fly and to exercise caution.

We cannot allow the current level of carbon emissions to continue, yet they are already occurring.

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