The Duke of Sussex's meaningful artwork was spotted by an eagle-eyed fan

Prince Harry’s special tribute to Archie and Lilibet in Montecito home office everyone missed

In his home office, Prince Harry has a charming homage to his spouse Meghan Markle and their children, Prince Archie, who is four years old, and Princess Lilibet, who is two years old.

An astute royal enthusiast noticed the symbolic artwork exhibited on a shelf behind the Duke of Sussex in a vintage footage captured from his sixteen-bedroom Montecito estate. The stunning painting, created by American artist Jennifer Vallez, is based on the incredibly intimate 2021 Christmas card of the Sussexes, which featured the couple sitting on their doorstep and tenderly staring at their small children.


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“I’ve found an old video of Harry and just noticed that the Sussexes have a framed sketch of their family photo in their room!” tweeted @Le__Katerina, sharing her discovery. The sketch was drawn by Jennifer Vallez (royalsketchbyjenv on IG). Adorable.”

Through her website, Vallez expresses her enthusiasm for “creating art and products that shine a light on inspirational humans and causes that I believe in and love.” Taylor Swift on the Eras tour, Princess Kate with daughter Princess Charlotte, and Princess Diana’s famous fashion moments are also featured in her.

In the old video, a plethora of personal photos, including several endearing ones of him and his wife Meghan, are displayed on Harry’s office wall.

A pretty ivy plant hangs from the upper shelf, and stylish magazines and books are piled neatly on the coffee table.

Naturally, we have previously seen Harry’s home office. The 39-year-old royal has previously given fans multiple peeks inside his opulent home, most notably during their Netflix documentary series, Harry & Meghan.

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The Sussexes have enough space to work side by side


One piece of art from their home office, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller’s Portrait of Louise Mayer, with a contemporary twist featuring the subject blowing a gum bubble, appeared on the screen in an instant.

Among the other noteworthy artwork in their house is a black-and-white print in their home office that shows an illustration of a bear holding a “California” sign.

Three artworks depicting nests are also hanging on the wall; they seem to symbolize how their lovely home is the ideal “nest” for their family.

After Meghan moved into their magnificent £11 million home in 2020, they didn’t take long to personalize it. Pictures of the magnificent home, dubbed the Chateau of Riven Rock, that were posted on Gigster showed off what it looked like prior to its contemporary, California-inspired renovation.

The large family home is furnished in soothing, neutral colors and resembles something out of a design magazine. It has a pool and a chicken coop.

The pair appears to have two distinct work-from-home setups because they also have a beautiful shared office with exposed brickwork and a sizable oak table that can accommodate both of their laptops.


The Duchess has a stunning workspace featuring exposed brickwork


During the filming of Harry & Meghan, the couple’s alternate joint home office was visible. In a hilarious moment, the Duke was seen gasping in response to his wife’s exclamation, “Beyonce just texted!”

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