A very happy birthday to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's daughter Princess Lilibet, who is celebrating turning two!

Princess Lilibet turns 2! Prince Harry’s daughter’s cutest moments from private family footage

Happy birthday to Princess Lilibet, the daughter of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, who turned two today!

With her parents and older brother, Prince Archie, the princess resides in Montecito, California. We imagine the close-knit family is throwing a fun party for little Lilibet in their magnificent mansion.

Over the past year, particularly from the Netflix docuseries about the royal couple, we’ve seen some adorable pictures and videos of sweet Lilibet, who was given the name of the late Queen Elizabeth’s childhood nickname.


Princess Lilibet’s first birthday


The whole family helped Lilibet blow the candle on her cake
Photo: Netflix


In this adorable photo, we get a rare glimpse of the sweet Lilibet’s first birthday celebrations. We love how big brother Archie helped his sister blow out her candles, and Lili looked darling in her party dress.

Prince Harry reads to Lilibet


Prince Harry reads to Archie and Lilibet
Photo: Netflix


When father Harry read to his children Archie and Lilibet, it was a special moment that was captured on camera. Additionally, that sofa appears to be very comfortable.


Lilibet crawls in the garden


Lilibet crawls in her garden
Photo: Netflix


Aw! We loved seeing this rare video of Lilibet crawling across the lawn at home while wearing a pretty headband and a white dress.


Lilibet Diana learns to walk


Lilibet learns to walk
Photo: Netflix


The cutest thing ever! Lilibet practices walking at the family home while clinging to her mother’s hands.


Duchess Meghan with Lilibet


Mother Meghan with Lilibet and Archie at their home
Photo: Instagram


For that double carry, as seen in the Netflix documentary series, Meghan would have needed strong arms. shared with the entire world, a priceless moment.


The Sussex family


Harry and Meghan with Archie and Lilibet at Frogmore Cottage
Photo: Netflix


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In a very uncommon family photo taken at their former English home, Frogmore Cottage, we saw dad Harry holding Lilibet on his shoulders and mom Meghan holding Archie.

Meghan Markle and Lilibet


Meghan with her daughter, Lilibet
Photo: Instagram

This picture of Meghan, who appears at ease and is cuddling her daughter while at home, is priceless.


Lilibet with Harry and Meghan


The couple pictured with their daughter Lilibet
Photo: Netflix


The cutest picture of a young Lilibet walking across the garden with her parents.


Lilibet feeds the chickens


Lilibet helps her mother feed the chickens at home
Photo: Netflix


The young princess helps out around the house by feeding the chickens while being carried by her mother. What a sweet family occasion.

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