It is still not known if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be attending the Coronation

What happens if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attends Coronation – expert

According to a royal expert, if Prince Harry attends the Coronation, the Prince and Princess of Wales will need to “extend the hand of friendship” to him.

If Harry and Meghan Markle travel to the UK for his father King Charles’ coronation on May 6 is still up in the air.

According to reports, Harry and Meghan will undoubtedly receive invitations to the event, and preparations are being made for them to attend.


The Prince and Princess of Wales with Harry and Meghan last year                                                                             Image: PA


According to one of them, Harry would fly into the UK for the Coronation alone, attend the event, and then quickly depart for America in what has been dubbed the “Harry in a hurry” plan.

Harry’s disagreement with his father Charles and brother Prince William, however, seems to have gotten worse since the publication of his memoir Spare last month.

He made a number of allegations about the royal family in it, including that William had assaulted him physically during a disagreement.

And if Harry does attend, it will be up to William and Kate to appear accommodating to him because Charles will be too busy, says royal expert Camilla Tominey.

In a video interview with The Telegraph, she stated: “The royals must appear to be welcoming him into the fold, so for the long bank holiday weekend, he is included in their security plans so he won’t be able to claim lack of security.


Reports suggest that Harry may attend the Coronation without Meghan                                                                    Image: Getty Images


“It will probably be expected of the Prince and Princess of Wales to reach out in a friendly manner, which will be challenging given that it is the King’s important weekend.

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“His wife is also being crowned, so he will be preoccupied with other matters involving gold state coaches and crowns.

Therefore, it is sort of left to William and Kate to act as accommodative as they did when they went on that joint walkabout following the death of the Queen in September. As a result, we might observe something similar in the future.

Another royal commentator, meanwhile, claimed that Charles’ experience of Harry and Meghan attending the Coronation would be “ruined.”

King Charles, according to author Tom Bower, is a “weak man” who worries about Harry, and their attendance on May 6 might be too much for him.


King Charles will be crowned at Westminster Abbey on May 6                                                                                       Image: POOL/AFP via Getty Images


He claimed in an interview with GB News that “people were sick “in favor of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex staying at home for the historic event.

Bower stated: “His issue is that, in some ways, he is a weak man, and he worries about Harry.

“Harry would have understood if he had simply said, “Look, come to the Coronation, but you can have row Q, seat 54, and viewers partially obscured by a column.”

“But I believe that if he permits Harry to attend the Coronation, it will be ruined. Harry’s and Meghan’s attendance will overshadow it.”

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