Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son Archie is their total mini me

Prince Archie is Prince Harry’s double in adorable unseen photo

The Harry & Meghan Netflix docuseries gave royal fans a glimpse into Prince Harry and his son Prince Archie’s endearing relationship, and one particular scene has highlighted just how similar the father-son pair really are.

The image shows a beaming Prince Harry crouched behind his young son, probably taken by Harry’s wife Meghan Markle. Prince Archie, who is supporting himself, smiles mischievously. He looks just like his father!


Prince Harry crawls on all fours with his son Archie in a sweet home video
Photo: Netflix

The cutest similarities between Archie and Harry include their matching dimples and round cheeks in addition to the tufts of auburn hair that match Harry’s golden locks.

The Sussexes had the opportunity to explain their side of the story and give fans a glimpse into their new life in America, where they now reside in Montecito, in Prince Harry and Meghan’s tell-all documentary.


The Duchess of Sussex has shared a recipe for a new charity cookbook
Photo: Disney+


Since moving to the United States, the couple has largely kept both of their kids out of the public eye, but in their Netflix docuseries, they did share a number of never-before-seen images of Archie and Lilibet. You can see young Archie playing a toy piano with assurance while singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the video below, which is one of the show’s most endearing moments.

As Harry and Archie discover hummingbirds in their garden, the six-episode series also captures a sweet moment between father and son.

The footage also shows Lilibet taking her first tentative steps while holding onto her mother’s hands.


Prince Archie is the sptting image of his dad Prince Harry
Photo: Netflix


Harry is seen playing football with Archie, while Meghan is seen gardening with her young children.

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The Duchess of Sussex and the Duke of Sussex have not yet declared that they will be present at King Charles III’s coronation in May. However, it seems unlikely that the couple will bring their two kids along even if they do travel to the UK for the historic day.

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