The Duchess of Sussex launched American Riviera Orchard in March

Prince Harry’s friend gives Meghan Markle update as royal family celebrate Princess Kate’s return

The most recent hint from the Duchess of Sussex’s upcoming project, American Riviera Orchard, has just been made public. She has been providing us with sneak peeks into what to expect.

Nacho Figueras, an Argentine polo player and close friend of Prince Harry and Meghan, posted some pictures that showed off the company’s second offering.

The first thing Meghan sent out to friends in April was a homemade jar of her strawberry jam, which Nacho’s dog was seen holding in the first photo. The second image featured a glass jar filled with dog biscuits.


Meghan sent out gift baskets with her brand’s jam earlier this year
Photo: © Instagram / @nachofigueras


“Pet food, edible pet treats, and bird seed” were the trademarks for which American Riviera Orchard had filed filings with the US Patent and Trademark Office earlier this year.

Given Meghan’s affection for her four-legged pals, this is hardly surprising. Guy, Pula, and Mamma Mia are the Sussexes’ rescue dogs, and they live with them in Montecito.

Although the full launch of American Riviera Orchard is still unknown, Meghan thrilled followers in March when she made a reappearance on Instagram carrying the brand and its website.

Although Meghan’s lovely handwriting appears on just nine of the tiles that comprise the brand’s logo on the Instagram page, a funny video of Meghan picking flowers, baking, and dancing in a little black dress was also posted.

With additional trademark filings for digital and print cookbooks, tableware (cutlery, dinnerware, and decanters), napkins, tablecloths, and a variety of foods (jams, jellies, spreads, and butters), the clues thus far point to the brand being primarily a lifestyle one.

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Nacho shared a photo of the latest offering from Meghan’s business – dog biscuits   Photo: © Instagram / @nachofigueras


According to MailOnline, there is an additional extension that includes a list of cosmetic and beauty products, such as haircare, soaps, and scented oils.

The Tig, Meghan Markle’s lifestyle blog, was referred to as “a hub for the discerning palate – those with a hunger for food, travel, fashion & beauty” prior to her 2018 marriage to Prince Harry.

Before she got engaged to Harry, the website and her individual social media accounts were taken down in 2017. “Continue to find those Tig moments of discovery, continue to laugh and take chances, and continue to be “the change you wish to see in the world,” was the parting message.

Famous friends


Abigail Spencer showed off Meghan Markle’s jam on her Instagram
Photo: © Instagram


Back in April, Meghan started delivering gift baskets containing the company’s strawberry jam to several of her famous acquaintances.

Abigail Spencer, a fellow Suits alumna, Mindy Kaling, Tracy Robbins, a fashion designer, and Kris Jenner have all been recipients.

“Thank you for the delicious basket!” Tracy wrote on Instagram after posting a picture of the hamper. I’m not sure if I’ll share this jam with anyone because I adore it so much. I’m grateful, M.”

To support Harry’s Invictus Games competition, the Duke and Duchess visited Nigeria for three days last month.

The couple was spotted having a double date with Tracy and her husband, Brian, at one of their favorite Montecito restaurants, Lucky’s steak restaurant, shortly before Harry and Meghan’s sixth wedding anniversary on May 19.

Trooping the Colour


The Princess of Wales joined the royals at Trooping the Colour
Photo: © Getty Images


As the King, Queen, and other members of the royal family gathered in London for Trooping the Colour, Meghan’s brand made its most recent announcement.

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The Princess of Wales made her first appearance in public this year and since beginning preventative chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer.

Prince William led the procession on horseback while Kate, 42, rode in a carriage with her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

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