Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are about to embark on their half-term break

Prince William and Princess Kate’s new home is a private holiday haven for their three children

The three children of Prince William and Princess Catherine, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, are anticipating the half-term holiday when they won’t have to go to school.

The family’s private residence in Windsor, where they have lived since September 2022, is where they are most likely to spend their free time. Here are some reasons why Adelaide Cottage will make the ideal backdrop for their warm-weather vacation in May.


Adelaide Cottage is near Windsor Castle


First of all, the family will love the location. They can enjoy some peace and quiet because it is in Windsor, which is far from the bustle of the city. William and Catherine both enjoy the outdoors, so their decision to move here made perfect sense.

The home is located on the Windsor Great Park estate, which means it is totally encircled by gorgeous greenery and is the ideal location for leisurely bike rides and long walks with their dog. We are aware that the kids are avid cyclists because it has been said that since their relocation, they have been having fun riding around the grounds.


The kids love cycling
Photo: Kensington Palace


The family’s complete privacy within the home is the second advantage. They feel safe and can conduct their business as usual because the estate has a security detail hut.

They also have a beautiful garden of their own, a glimpse of which can be seen in Prince Louis’ wonderful birthday pictures. The garden might be the best place for the kids to amuse themselves now that the summer sun is in full force. We anticipate some of the same features at Adelaide as there have been seesaws and Wendy houses in their previous homes’ gardens.

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The family have a lovely private garden at the property
Photo: Millie Pilkington


Their new residence’s proximity to Catherine’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, as well as her siblings James and Pippa, is another factor that makes it perfect for school breaks. Play dates with their cousins may be planned sometime next week because Pippa has three children of her own: Arthur, Grace, and Rose.


The Middletons live nearby


Additionally, it takes 10 minutes to walk from their house to Windsor Castle, so if King Charles, a.k.a. Grampa Wales, is passing through, a visit might be in order.

The kids love a variety of activities, such as baking and being outside in nature, so we anticipate a fun-filled week for them!


Prince William and Princess Catherine’s other family homes revealed


We recently got a look inside their home at Kensington Palace
Photo: The Prince and Princess of Wales


The Wales family also has a residence in London, in Kensington Palace’s apartment 1A. They typically stay here for business purposes, and while they were there for the coronation festivities, they shared a video clip within its imposing walls.


Anmer Hall is close to the Sandringham Estate
Photo: Getty Images


The family also owns Anmer Hall, a charming 10-bed getaway in Norfolk. The Wales family also frequents this location during downtime because of its breathtaking countryside setting.

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