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Princess Kate reunites with old school teacher in sweet moment

Thursday marked Prince William and Princess Catherine’s first official joint trip to the area as the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. They traveled to Falmouth.

One of Catherine’s former teachers from school, Jim Embury, who was volunteering in the Cornish town, surprised her during their trip. As Catherine and William were leaving a museum where they tried their hand at riveting, the unexpected moment happened.


Prince William and Princess Catherine  greet crowds in Cornwall
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After the surprise reunion, Catherine was in shock, she gushed: “I’m so sorry. I am aware of you. Everything in the classroom comes to mind. Wow. What a small world that is.”

The Princess gave her teacher a warm hug and told him that her parenting of her children, especially her only daughter Princess Charlotte, was a reflection of his teaching style.

She said, “I’m trying to teach my daughter everything you probably taught me.”

When journalists questioned Jim about Catherine’s student experience, he said that he had once been one of the history teachers who had taught her “Fantastic,” followed by: “It was a great class, and she was a great participant and kid. 25 years ago, that was.”


Catherine was overjoyed to reunite with Jim
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Catherine’s reunion with her old teacher will undoubtedly bring back fond memories for her, but a lone protester made her encounter with William a little less than ideal.

As the couple greeted locals in the crowd, a man shouted at them, “No more monarchy”.

Police held back the lone protestor, who declined to give his name, because they “were worried that people were going to get annoyed and attack,” he claimed.


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Catherine looked gorgeous for the outing
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Following that, he added: “A monarchy is not necessary in the twenty-first century. It is absurd.”

As they interacted with members of the public, William and Catherine didn’t appear to be phased by the slight inconvenience.

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