Prince Harry left the country weeks before the 2011 royal weddingPhoto: Getty Images

Why Buckingham Palace was ‘doubly nervous’ about Prince Harry missing Prince William’s wedding

Prince Harry’s support for his older brother Prince William at his royal wedding to Princess Kate in 2011 is immortalized in photos, but there were worries that the Duke of Sussex might not even make it to the major royal event.

Harry made several open admissions about his life in his book Spare, which was published in January. These ranged from the controversy surrounding his father’s marriage to Camilla, the Queen Consort, to his “todger” getting frostnip. Actually, the latter was connected to his anticipated absence.


Prince Harry visited the North Pole shortly before the royal wedding in April 2011
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He explains that in order to raise money for Walking With The Wounded, he was given the “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to trek to the North Pole with a group of injured soldiers. But because of how “dangerously close” the trip was to William’s special day on April 29, Buckingham Palace was “double nervous.”

Harry mentioned accepting an invitation and said, “I wanted to say yes. the spruce up of the spruce up. Just one issue. Early April, dangerously close to Willy’s scheduled wedding, was the time of the trek. I had to get there and back without incident if I didn’t want to miss the ceremony.


The Duke of Sussex was pictured alongside his brother Prince William at Westminster Abbey


However, getting to and from the North Pole was never guaranteed to be trouble-free. There were countless snags at the North Pole. Variables were always present, usually relating to the weather. I was therefore anxious about the possibility, and the Palace was also anxious.

And, according to the Duke of Sussex, their fears weren’t unfounded. “We took longer to leave because of the bad weather. My face in my hands, I thought, ‘Ugh, Willy’s wedding,'” he wrote before adding that they left on day four, before they had made it to the North Pole.


“Leave right away or you’ll miss my brother’s wedding. I boarded a helicopter and flew to Barneo Airfield, where my plane would take off, he continued.


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Naturally, the outcome was successful since Harry even brought up his frost-nipped ears and cheeks while regaling his father King Charles and his brother William with travel stories the night before the wedding.

Despite the fact that he acknowledged he wasn’t William’s best man, he was later seen wearing a black military uniform alongside his brother, who was wearing his red Irish Guards uniform.

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