The Prince and Princess of Wales daughter gave her younger brother a right royal telling offPhoto: © Karwai Tang

Princess Charlotte’s big sister moment with ‘cheeky’ Prince Louis is going viral on TikTok

Prince Louis, five years old, is a surefire way to inject humor and lightheartedness into any situation, as his endearing and mischievous demeanor subverts the traditional royal stoicism. Fortunately for the Prince and Princess of Wales, big sister is always watching over little Louis to make sure he’s acting appropriately.

William and Catherine’s nine-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte, was a picture of royal manners when she joined her family on the Buckingham Palace balcony for Trooping the Colour on Saturday.

Charlotte made sure to remind her brother Louis of the “proper” way to behave, even though he was more interested in dancing, yawning, and pointing at the excitement below him. A video of their adorable sibling exchange went viral on TikTok.

Watch the adorable video here!

A video that CNN anchor Max Foster (@maxfostercnn) reposted from the BBC shows Princess Charlotte telling Prince Louis to lower his arms when the national anthem’s fanfare is about to start.

The youngest Wales brother quickly puts his arms behind his back in response to the courteous Princess’s gentle prodding.

Royal fans responded to the moment on TikTok, where it has since amassed over two million views, by praising Princess Charlotte’s poised demeanor and “future Queen” vibe.

“Did anyone notice that kids are kids no matter who, where, or when they are? Princess Catherine doesn’t seem to care if the kids are fidgety. Charlotte, good on you! Your older siblings will always be the BOSS,” wrote one admirer.


Prince Louis’ charming personality dazzled royal fans at Trooping the Colour
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“Charlotte isn’t bossy, my girl has leadership skills!” Another person replied, and a third person wrote: “She was taught so well. She is always so well-behaved and in position. Soon-to-be Queen!”

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“Charlotte definitely shows leadership, Louis shows character,” wrote the fourth.

Princess Charlotte displays leadership skill of a future monarch

It is highly unlikely that Princess Charlotte will ever ascend to the throne, even though many royal fans have compared her to her late great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and have noted traits about her that are recognizable of a future monarch.


Princess Charlotte remained composed throughout the celebrations
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Even though she is third in line for the British throne, her older brother Prince George would have to abdicate or die before she could take the throne, and that’s presuming the royal hasn’t had any children by then.

Princess Charlotte might instead assume the role of Princess Royal, which is presently occupied by her great-aunt, Princess Anne. Considered as the King’s most devoted supporter and closest confidante, the Princess Royal supports him throughout his life and reign.


Princess Charlotte of Wales gives off “queen energy” according to TikTok fans
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Princess Charlotte will be the next Princess Royal, a royal fan stated on X, the former Twitter. Princess Charlotte already provides Prince George with unwavering support, just as the King has ensured Princess Anne has had consistent support throughout their lives.”

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